Eurex is one of the internationally leading derivatives exchanges. Via an open and cost-effective electronic access it offers a broad range of international benchmark products and operates the most liquid bond markets in the world. From 700 locations all over the world, market participants are connected to each other by Eurex. Thus, Eurex is the world's favourite stock exchange for derivatives.

Besides operating the fully electronic trading facility Eurex also provides automated and integrated clearing. As a central counterparty, Eurex Cleaning AG guarantees the execution of all operations on the Eurex exchanges so that the individual counterparty risk is eliminated for the market participants. Eurex Clearing AG has the same function for Eurex Bonds, Eurex Repo, products traded at the FWB® Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (Xetra® and floor trading) and the Irish Stock Exchange. Thanks to this structure, Eurex participants benefit from a high-quality, cost-efficient and comprehensive value chain covering trading and clearing via one single eletronic system platform.

Together with leading international banks Eurex operates the electronic trading platform Eurex Bonds, an ECN (electronic communication network) for OTC exchange with fixed-rate securities and interest-free treasuries (“bubills”). Eurex Bonds offers the market participants a direct connection between the cash and futures market via a central order book, the so-called Basis Trading.

With Eurex Repo, Eurex operates the leading Paneuropean repo market place, also via a fully eletronic trading platform. Eurex Repo offers the entire value chain from trading to clearing and settlement, not only for the Swiss Franc, but also the Euro repo market.

As a lean company, driven by entrepreneurial spirit, Eurex puts the fulfillment of its customers' needs first. The experts on the Eurex team constantly exert themselves so that all investors can profit from the advantages of a fully integrated organisation − with cash and futures markets under one roof and the corresponding offer in clearing and settlement services.

For several years, Eurex and the EIFD have worked together in many respects. Besides the specialist exchange, particularly specific projects are in the centre of the cooperation.